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Events & Ticketing
Events & Ticketing

Everything you need to know about creating and managing your events

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Events: an overviewCreate events, sell tickets and manage guest lists with Peoplevine
Adding Waitlist to an EventWhen Your Event Sells Out, Add Members To A Waitlist
Create short URLs/QR codes for event promotion
Event Ticket TemplatesSetup a ticket template to quickly copy to an event
Set the Time Tickets Go On Sale and Off Sale, Not Just the DateYou now have the ability to set the time that tickets should go on sale and off sale.
Setup an Event and Enable an External Party to Manage the EventYou can enable your partners access to event details without giving them access to the whole platform.
Import Existing Events and Attendees When Migrating from Another PlatformImport Existing Events and Attendees When Migrating from Another Platform
Member BookingsWhen someone clicks on the call to action when booking a room, appointment, registering for an event or accepting an offer, the item...
How to Utilize and Change the Default Event GraphicWhen adding an event to your calendar, having a photo just makes it look that much more enticing, therefore, if you forget one, we'll add...
People Can Transfer Tickets to Other People To Build Your CRMThe goal is to build your CRM of loyal customers and the best way to do that is enabling your ticket purchasers to...
Allow People To Find Events on a MapThe out of the box /events page offers the ability to plot your events on a map at /events/map.
Prevent people from booking a room back to back.Are people hogging your rooms? Leverage the scheduler settings to prevent people from booking back to back or too long.
Co-host an event with an external businessWork with a 3rd party to host events within Peoplevine