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Add a Rewards Expiring Soon Snippet To Your Loyalty Dashboard
Add a Rewards Expiring Soon Snippet To Your Loyalty Dashboard

Keep your members informed on when their rewards expire with this little snippet.

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Are you looking to inform your users when their rewards are expiring?  Simply add this HAPI snippet to your page:

<div class="ui-update">
<section class="tier" id="expiringTable">
<h3 class="hdg hdg_3">Rewards Expiring Soon.</h3>
<table class="dataTable">
<thead class="dataTable-hd">
<th>Issued On</th>
<th>Expires On</th>
<th>Serial Number</th>
<th>Current Value</th>
<th>Initial Value</th>
<tbody class="dataTable-bd">
<tr data-pv-component="giftcard" data-pv-noresultshide="#expiringTable" data-pv-parameters="{customer_no: {@var_customer_no@}, sort_by: 'expires_on asc', current_value: 0.01, expires_to: '{@today:addDays(30)@}'}">
<td data-pv-element="created_on" data-pv-formatter="date()" data-table-title="Issued On">Issued On</td>
<td data-pv-element="expires_on" data-pv-formatter="date()" data-table-title="Expires On">Expires On</td>
<td data-pv-element="serial_number" data-table-title="Serial Number">Serial Number</td>
<td data-pv-element="current_value" data-pv-formatter="currency" data-table-title="Current Value">Current Value</td>
<td data-pv-element="initial_value" data-pv-formatter="currency" data-table-title="Initial Value">Initial Value</td>
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