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Why can't I see my changes after saving/uploading them?
Why can't I see my changes after saving/uploading them?

It's called browser caching. Your web browser does this to ensure optimal performance for the same content.

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Your web browser is trying to display your content/website ultra fast so it stores a few things locally (as do we).  So if you're not seeing your changes, here are some techniques to follow to see your new content:

  • In your web browser hold your Control (CTRL) or Command () Key and click the Refresh Icon.  This will typically clear your cache and ask for new files.

  • If you made changes to your layout or domain name settings, you will need to clear your cookies.  

  • If that doesn't work, you can test in a different web browser or in Private/Incognito mode.

  • If that doesn't work, try testing from another computer or mobile device.

If you're still not seeing your new content, you may need to confirm you have the right URL and/or our system took your save/upload, please try again.

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