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Customize the Event Page with Banners and Content to Make it Yours
Customize the Event Page with Banners and Content to Make it Yours

Use a content snippet or banner rotators to enhance the /events page (or you can always go HAPI)

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The events page is a great place to send users to check out your events.  So promoting certain events or sharing details and terms can help your /events page stand out.  You can either leverage these techniques (anyone can do it) or you can build a custom page with HAPI, if you're up for it.

Add Banner Rotators to the Events Page
If you have a graphic designer or found a fiverr to help, you can add big large banners at the top of the events page.  Once the banner is created (recommend 1200x400) you can then go to the Banner Rotators under Engage.

When creating your banner rotators, make sure you set the Rotator Type as a Banner Rotator and then the Rotator Group as Events Page to Promote Upcoming Events.

As long as today falls between the rotator's start and end dates, you'll be able to check it out on your /events page.

Add a Content Page Snippet to Display Content on the Events Page
You can spruce up the design of the /events page or you can inform people on what to do next.  To do this, follow these steps:

Under Engage, go to setup a new page.

Set the Page Type to Content Snippet.

Make sure the page is active and then set the keyword to event_snippet which can be found under SEO & Options.

Once active, this will now display on the events page.

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