Importing Events

You can improt your existing events by placing your event data in the provided sample and then going to the Settings Menu and clicking on Import Data.  From the dropdown menu, select that you want to import events then attach your file.  You will then need to map any fields that you would like to have imported.

Once completed, your events will be available for people to register for.

Importing Event Attendees

If you were accepting registration elsewhere, you can migrate those people to PeopleVine's Event by following these steps:

  1. Prior to importing the attendees, you can import a full-set of the customer data by going to import customers first.  Ensure that you map either their customer reference, e-mail address or mobile number to ensure we can match the CRM record.

  2. Once your CRM records are imported, you will need to go to the event you want to import attendees for. 

  3. Click on Import Attendees

  4. Attach a list of the attendees in this sample file

  5. Make sure you map at least their e-mail address in order to tie the ticket registration to that person.

  6. We will now add these people to the guest list for the event.  

Please note when importing event attendees, we do not automatically send e-mail confirmations or check for inventory.  We assume that when importing event attendees, they were already sent a confirmation and/or paid.  This is merely to build your guest list.

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