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A Step by Step Guide to Using Rewards at the POS
A Step by Step Guide to Using Rewards at the POS

A quick guide on how to add the member number, check their balance and then process their rewards.

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In order to ensure your member is tagged to earn rewards, identify the Rewards button which typically sits in a MISC category.  

Once you've entered their member number, you will see this reflective on the chit.

When they are ready to check out, simply continue to take payment and then first click on the Verify Mem button.

This will confirm their last name and total rewards.

If they have a balance available, simply click the Rewards payment button and it will connec to PeopleVin to process their rewards for the order.

If you get a declined message after verifying the member, please try again and/or contact support.  If you get a "Member Not Found" when clicking on the Verify button, it is likely due to the wrong rewards number.

If by chance after applying the rewards or verifying you see a blank screen like this, please click towards the top to exit and go back to try again or confirm the payment was made.  This is a glitch in Aloha.

In addition, if the payment does not apply to the order immediately after seeing the confirmation, exit the order and come back to confirm it was applied (it should be).

When you go back, you will see the amount applied.

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