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With our Toast integration, you can reward people points, use rewards to pay for the check and track/manage your member accounts.

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With PeopleVine’s integration with Toast, your membership experience can become modernized with an online portal for your members and loyalty customers to view past charges, store payment information for convenience, track spending, order management, loyalty points, rewards redemption and more. With a full suite of tools to help you engage with your members, PeopleVine and the integration with Toast enables you to offer a convenience for both your members and your staff.


There are a few pre-requisites that you need to configure within the Toast system:

  • Setup the Redeem Rewards discount

  • Setup the Member Discount discount

  • Map the Loyalty Lookup Loyalty Member Button

  • Setup PeopleVine to Connect with Toast Loyalty

Setup the "Redeem Rewards" and "Member Discount" Discount

In order to properly apply a member discount or redeem rewards on an order, you need to configure this discount in the Toast discounts. In your Toast admin, go to Payments and go to Discounts.

Click on Add a Discount.

Enter the name of the discount as Redeem Rewards and the other Member Discount with the same name in both name fields.

Set the Discount Type to Open Discount and the Discount Value to Percentage for Member Discount and Currency for Redeem Rewards.

Make sure you check that it applies to the Entire Check.

Once created, make sure you publish.

Map the Loyalty Lookup Loyalty Member Button

In order to lookup a loyalty member, you will need to add the Member lookup button for loyalty. Check with your Toast account rep.

Setup Peoplevine to Connect with Toast Loyalty

Follow these steps to setting up Peoplevine Loyalty within Toast:

  1. Go to Integrated Platforms (under the company menu) and click on Toast under Commerce + POS.

  2. First enter the Location GUID provided by Toast.

  3. Now enter the House account GUID. If you would like to enable the House Account tender to close out payments to a member's house account, you will need to setup a new Other Payment Options. Start by going to the Toast admin tool, go under Payments and click on Other Payment Options. Click to Add a new one, enter the name as Peoplevine House Account and set the other options. Once you've added it, go to the list of Other Payment Options and click on it. You will then see a GUID, enter that GUID here. Make sure you hit publish changes so it shows up as an option.

  4. Add in the Card on File tender GUID.

  5. Lastly enter the Auto Tender GUID

  6. Allocate a location to the integration - this will likely be your main dining space

  7. Toggle on the debug mode so that our team can analyse logs.

  8. Hit "CONNECT" and if successfully connected, you will get an on-screen confirmation.

We will also map the two discount IDs that you configured in Toast.

Lookup a Member at the POS to Track Member Spend

Now that the POS is setup and integrated, you can track your member spend and look up a members profile by following these steps:

  1. The Rewards button is listed as a menu group. When you open the Rewards group, you will see the Lookup Customer button.

2. The Lookup button opens a dialog box that a restaurant employee uses to key in, swipe, scan, or search (by name, email, or phone) to find the loyalty program account for a restaurant guest.

3. After the employee finds the loyalty program account for the guest, a list of loyalty program offers is displayed. If an offer is available, it will display along with the guest's available points.

4. Make sure after adding items to the check, the restaurant employee returns to the rewards screen (using the Look Up Customer button). There may be additional offers available.

The restaurant employee selects the Redeem button to add an offer to the check. Offers that are not eligible for redemption on the current check are disabled and the redeem button will not be shown.

5. The rewards is added to the check as a discount.

Once the order is paid for, it will be marked as paid in PeopleVine and rewards will be accrued.

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