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Triggered Emails
Triggered Emails

Automate communication with members based on actions within Peoplevine

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Automated triggers can be created to streamline communication with your members and applicants.

The first step in creating triggered emails is to create the message you would like to communicate as a newsletter.

You can use HAPI to populate variable data from a CRM record into your message and further information on how to do this is available here:

Here is a full list of triggers that we currently support:

  • After any membership card (id, subscription or loyalty) is activated or subscribed to.

  • After someone applies to a membership program, regardless whether they are set to active or not.

  • After someone successfully subscribes to a membership program.

  • Application application fee is Paid

  • Application is being Reviewed

  • Application is set to Approved

  • Application is set to Completed

  • Application is set to Flag

  • Application is set to Rejected

  • Application is set to Viewed

  • Application is set to Waiting

  • Application is Pending

  • Application is Submitted by applicant

  • Appointment is Cancelled

  • Appointment is Confirmed

  • Appointment is Scheduled

  • Checked Out from Event

  • Contest Prize is won

  • Contest is played

  • Coupon or Offer is downloaded

  • Coupon or Offer is redeemed

  • Donation is made to a Fundraiser

  • Donation is Made

  • Event Ticket is Purchased

  • Event is Attended

  • Event is Registered for

  • Form / Survey is completed

  • Form Response is set to Approved

  • Form Response is set to Completed

  • Form Response is set to Flag

  • Form Response is set to Rejected

  • Form Response is set to Viewed

  • Form Response is set to Waiting

  • Fundraiser is Created

  • Gift Certificate is Expiring

  • Gift Certificate is Purchased

  • Invoice is Generated

  • Item is Reviewed

  • Member checks in

  • Member applies

  • Membership Card is Activated

  • Membership fails billing

  • Membership is cancelled

  • Membership is renewed

  • Membership is subscribed to

  • New Customer is registered

  • Order is Marked as Completed

  • Order is Marked as Followed Up

  • Order is Marked as Modified

  • Order is Marked as Paid

  • Order is Marked as Pulled

  • Order is Marked as Returned

  • Order is Marked as Shipped

  • Order is Marked as Shipped & Pulled

  • Order is Marked as Verified

  • Order is Placed in eCommerce or POS

  • Page is Viewed

  • Payment Method is Added to their Account

  • Person is Added as a contact to the Directory

  • Person uses all their Credits

  • Person Earns Points but isn't in the CRM

  • Person Purchases Credits

  • Person Receives a Message

  • Person visits a business location

  • Person visits a business location for the first time

  • Points are Denied

  • Points are Earned for completing a Loyalty Activity

  • Points are Redeemed for a Reward Certificate

  • Reservation is Cancelled

  • Reservation is Confirmed

  • Reservation is Created

  • Sent after a subscribed to membership fails recurring billing.

  • Sent after someone cancels their membership.

  • Sent each-time they check-in with their membership number via any of our check-in methods. Please note this can happen frequently based on your check-in policies.

  • Service Subscription fails billing

  • Service Subscription is cancelled

  • Service is renewed

  • Service is subscribed to

  • Subscription fails due to no billing method on file

  • Subscription successfully invoiced

  • Transaction is Completed Successfully

  • Transaction is Refunded

  • Triggers each time their payment on file is processed or invoiced generated for their membership dues.

  • Voucher is downloaded

  • Voucher is redeemed

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