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Setup a SSO Experience for Members from Your App to Ours
Setup a SSO Experience for Members from Your App to Ours

This post will show you how to configure a single sign on (SSO) experience so your app or external site can auto-login the user.

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When using the PeopleVine customerLogin authentication method to enable people to access your app or solution using their existing credentials, you will receive a a customer_token that can now be used to enable single sign-on when connecting your experience to ours. Follow these steps to leverage this feature.

1st, you need to get the customer_token by authenticating the user via the customerLogin API in our Customer web service.

Then generate an API key by going to the settings menu and clicking on new API application. You may be directed to create credentials first.

Once you have these items, you can send the user to any page on a PeopleVine hosted website with the following query string variables appended:

  • flag=authenticate

  • customer_no=<customer_no from PV ID>

  • customer_token=<customer_token received on customerLogin response>

  • api_key=<your API key>

If the key is compromised you can generate a new API key by editing the API application.

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