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Setup a Membership Sign up Landing Page
Setup a Membership Sign up Landing Page

You can setup a landing page that will breakdown the various membership programs you offer by category.

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This tutorial will show you how to setup a landing page for making available to your users your available memberships in an organized fashion. There are a few parts to setting this up:

  • Setup the Categories

  • Assign the Membership Programs

  • Let Your Customers Browse

Setup the Categories

We first want to setup the categories that we're going to organize and group the memberships into.

  • Go to the company/settings menu and click on Setup New Category

  • Set the component type to Memberships and apply any other settings you would like

Assign the Membership Programs

Now that the categories are setup, you can assign them to the membership programs you setup. Under the settings on the membership program, you will see Assign to a Category where you can now assign it to the category you created.

Also under the Member Signup section, make sure you set the signup option to Self-Signup (Public) which will make the membership available to the public.

Let Your Customers Browse

Once you've setup all the membership programs and applied them to the categories, you can now view them and allow people to sign up by going to This will display the available membership programs grouped together in the categories selected.

We recommend you add text and a banner to the categories to provide a nicely designed experience.

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