Are you setting up a form where you want people to select a specific business in the directory, a membership level, an upcoming event or other dynamic data, then you'll love this feature.

When setting up a form question, you can now select to pre-fill the options with data from your CMS. We currently support these data options:

  • List of Countries

  • Upcoming Events

  • Membership Programs

  • Profiles in the Directory

  • Locations in the Directory

Using this feature enables you to create a dynamic list that updates as you update the CMS. To leverage this feature, simply select a dropdown, radio or checkbox options list and you'll see a new field called Pre-fill Options with Dynamic Data where you can select from the available options.

Once selected, you will notice that the options box will pre-fill with some code.

If you're not technical, then leave as is, but if you're technical and want to filter by a certain field or change the field name and value used, here's a breakdown of how it works:

{@data(type, field name, field value, parameters)@}

  • type will be pre-filled when selecting an option. we currently support country, events, membership, business, location.

  • field name is the database field that you want to display as the name/label

  • field value is the database field that you want to store when selected

  • parameters are used to filter the data that is displayed. In this case we are filtering by category 3904

Please note that when you leverage the primary key (e.g. business_no) then when viewing the person's response, we will display the name and then link direct to the object in PeopleVine.

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