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Issue/Sell Vouchers to Enable a Digital Tracking System
Issue/Sell Vouchers to Enable a Digital Tracking System

With Vouchers, you can distribute one-time passes that enable someone to visit, experience or obtain.

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Vouchers enable you to track each time a person utilizes a specific physical or virtual item. We have seen people use vouchers for:

  • Day or Guest Passes

  • Session with a Trainer

  • Free Trial Class

  • Free Food & Beverage

There are a few steps to getting vouchers setup and the ability to distribute them for different use cases such as:

  • Manually Issuing Vouchers

  • Selling Vouchers via eCommerce

  • Automatically Distributing Vouchers to New and Renewing Members

Once your vouchers are issued, you can either scan the QR code, leverage our app or click redeem in the Control Panel to track the usage of a voucher. In addition, vouchers utilized for booking a class or session are digitally redeemed upon checkout.

Getting Started with Vouchers

We need to start by setting up the type of vouchers you would like to offer. If you've setup a coupon/offer, you'll notice a similar experience, however please note there are important differences, which are highlighted below:

  1. Go to Reward > Vouchers > Setup New Voucher

2. Enter the details about this voucher

3. When you get to the Only Valid for Settings, you can identify what this voucher can be redeemed for (if you want to manage it digitally). If it's not associated withe a specific item, no worries, you can still redeem and validate a voucher.

4. Lastly, make sure you set the voucher to be active for members only, if this is a member perk. In this case, they can only utilize the voucher while they are an active member.

Manually Issuing Vouchers

Now that your voucher is setup, you can issue a voucher directly from the voucher's menu.

When clicking on Issue Voucher, you will be able to find the person in the CRM and issue them the free voucher.

Selling Vouchers with eCommerce

You can opt to sell vouchers via the eCommerce engine either as an individual or a package. Start by going to Sell > Commerce > Add a Product.

Select the product type as a Digital Item and a Voucher specifically.

Find the voucher you setup an continue to fill out the rest of the details.

If you're looking to sell in bulk, you can set the minimum order quantity and the interval it is sold in. This will prevent the person from adding anything other than an interval of those numbers.

Once saved, it is immediately available for purchase via your website at /shop.

Automatically Distributing Vouchers to New and Existing Members

Allowing members to bring their guests to your space is truly a member perk. Within PeopleVine, you can setup membership perks that are issued to a member upon joining and/or renewed membership. In addition, you can limit the length for how long the vouchers are valid for (just as you would a physical card, but with more control).

On your membership program, you will notice a section to manage the membership perks.

Select the voucher that was just added.

Enter the limitations of this item including the expiration date (or valid until), when it can be activated (to prevent abuse in 1st month) as well as how many are issued.

Now your members will automatically receive 5 vouchers that are valid in 30 days and expire 1 year after issued.

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