To get started, you will need to authenticate your Clover account by going to the Company Menu and clicking on Integrated Platforms.

Scroll to Commerce + POS where you will see Clover. Click on it.

Click to connect.

Login to your Clover account to connect it. If you have multiple merchant accounts, please select one. At this time we only support one connected account.

Now that this is in place, we will automatically sync new orders from your Clover POS (and the customer attached to it) into the PeopleVine platform. In order to ensure the data is assigned to the customer in PeopleVine, you need to assign it to a customer in Clover. To do this:

  1. Click the home button on Clover

  2. Click on Customers

  3. Find the customer you want to associate the order with (or add a new customer). Make sure they have an e-mail address or mobile number on file to ensure a single CRM record.

  4. Complete the Order.

Once the order is paid for, it will sync into PeopleVine and trigger off any loyalty activities.

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