We recommend you having your members register their card on file at your POS for the most secure and cost-effective way for charging for orders and other items in PeopleVine.

From the customer's profile in Square, click on the 3 dots (...) and then Add Card on File.

This will prompt you to enter their card number or have them swipe or dip their card in the terminal. We recommend that they dip (Square's term) the card to ensure it reads the chip.

Once the customer inserts their card, you'll see the card pre-populate (discreetly of course) in the Card Number field along with the Next button turning blue.

At this time your member will be prompted to confirm they are saving their card on file.

As well to add their billing zip code.

Once confirmed, they will receive a confirmation that their card is now saved on file.

This payment method will automatically sync the next time an order is placed with its customer record on it.

You can manually sync this credit card to PeopleVine by selecting Sync Customers from Square from the integrations menu or by going to the CRM record and clicking on getting the Latest on the CRM record.

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