....Looking to notify a different warehouse or split orders between your bar and kitchen? Leverage these steps to configure a packing slip and quick links to validate orders.

We will show you how to setup a warehouse location in order to notify them when an order is placed. To complete this activity you will need to setup the following items:

  • Setup the Company Directory Profile

  • Add a Warehouse Location

  • Configure the Inventory Location

  • Assign Inventory to Location

  • Using the Packing Slip

Setup the Company Directory Profile

Go to the Directory engine and add a new location with the warehouse/company information. If the company has multiple warehouses, start with the company info, you will setup the warehouse location in the next step. Make sure you set it as a Brand/Warehouse Location

We recommend you add an e-mail address which can be used for pick-up e-mails too.

*FYI if you've already setup a pick-up location, you can leverage that profile to add your locations.

If you assign a primary contact, they will have the ability to modify their profile and locations.

Add a Warehouse Location

In order to store the inventory, and notify the warehouse of an order to ship, you will need to setup a location under that company profile. Start by clicking on the Add New Location button.

You only need the location name and the e-mail address to configure it. Adding the rest of the information is more for internal use.

Configure the Inventory Location

Now that you have the directory and locations setup, you need to configure the inventory locations. The easiest way to get to this is by going to Sell > Commerce then View Inventory.

Click on New Inventory Location

Add the inventory locations where you want to put your inventory. The Area should reflect the same as the location and the column, row and slot could be used to identify the station or location the items are. All items for a specific warehouse will send to that warehouse regardless of area, column, row or slot.

Assign Inventory to a Location

Now that the location is setup, find the products you want to add to that location and go to those products. Then click on the inventory/In Stock to edit the inventory.

On the edit screen you can choose which location the inventory is at (or where the packing slip goes to).

Using the Packing Slip

Once you've mapped all your products to the inventory locations, the fulfillment emails will go direct to the warehouse that's shipping the item out.

It will include each item that needs to ship out from that location.

You will find quick buttons to print the packing slip as well as instantly update the status on the request.

When you click on Preparing Order, we will mark it as being prepared. When you do mark as finished, we'll send this out when the item is served. Please note that there is different messaging depending on a product order vs. an F & B order.

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