To setup local delivery as an option follow these steps:

  • Setup a directory location to route orders to

  • Go to the Directory and setup a new profile as a Brand/Warehouse location

  • Then add a location with the address of where the orders will come from. The address is the most important piece, this is how we calculate the distance

  • Next, you want to setup a scheduler with the available time slots.

  • Go to the Scheduler engine and setup a new appointment scheduler.

  • Then add available time slots. When setting up the slots ensure you assign the location you just created.

  • Grab the schedule_item_no as we'll need that to setup the shipping rules.

  • Now go to Commerce and click on Shipping Rules

  • Create a new shipping rule and call it Local Delivery with the relevant settings. We recommend setting by distance and including a range.

  • Then assign a rule that contains the schedule_item_no in the Assign Value section.

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