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Order Fulfillment
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Peoplevine's eCommerce platform provides you with the tools to manage a full warehouse and inventory across multiple locations. To truly leverage these capabilities, follow these steps:

Setup Your Fulfillment Centers
First you need to setup the fulfillment centers and inventory locations where your products are going to reside. Check out the article Real-Time Inventory Management with Peoplevine for more information on setting this up.

As part of this article you will be setting up the warehouses under the Business & Directory component. Here you can also register the main contact and notification e-mail address for the warehouse.

Add Products to Inventory
Next you will be adding your products into the specific inventory locations, which can be anything from a specific area at the warehouse down to a row, column and even a slot on the shelf, to pinpoint exactly where the inventory is located. This information is then printed out on the packing slip, so it's easy to pick and pack.

Peoplevine will automatically apply a "most inventory first" pull logic in order to minimize the amount of packages that will be shipped out.

Multiple Shipments
Within Peoplevine you can attach multiple shipments/tracking numbers to orders in order to inform the customer of each shipment that goes out. Check out the article Multiple Shipments on Order for more information on using this feature.

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