To set this up, you need to add a set of availability rules to your membership program. Start by going to the membership program and scroll to options where you'll find the spot to enter the rules when the membership card can be scanned.

Here is an example of the availability rules, we will release a front-end interface for setting these up in the near future. You have the ability to set the start and end time for each day as well as setup blockout dates, to block the entire day.

{ "days": { "sunday": { "start": "9:00 AM", "end": "6:00 PM" }, "monday": { "start": "9:00 AM", "end": "6:00 PM" }, "tuesday": { "start": "9:00 AM", "end": "6:00 PM" }, "wednesday": { "start": "9:00 AM", "end": "6:00 PM" }, "thursday": { "start": "9:00 AM", "end": "6:00 PM" }, "friday": { "start": "9:00 AM", "end": "6:00 PM" }, "saturday": { "start": "11:00 AM", "end": "2:00 PM" } }, "blockout": [ { "day": "7/8/2020" }, { "day": "8/1/2020" } ]}

Once this is added, your members can only check-in during those times. Otherwise, the system will say their scan is invalid.

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