HAPI - Data - Years, States, Countries

We added a new HAPI feature so you can output specific data elements with ease.

Updated over a week ago

When leveraging HAPI, you have access to output certain data objects that you would normally have to copy/paste or change over time.

You can output the next 25 years in a select list. This can be used when adding a credit card expiration year.

<select id="exp_year"> <option data-pv-component="data" data-pv-type="year">Walk_In___API.structures+wi_page</option> </select>

You can output a list of all United States in a select list.

<select id="states"> <option data-pv-component="data" data-pv-type="states" value="{@Value@}">{@Text@}</option> </select>

You can output a list of all countries and store the 2 letter country code.

<select id="countries"> <option data-pv-component="data" data-pv-type="countries" value="{@Value@}">{@Text@}</option> </select>

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