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Setup Shipping Rules with Local Delivery
Setup Shipping Rules with Local Delivery

Manage real-time availability for deliveries by using Peoplevine Scheduler for Appointments.

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You can enable a Local Delivery option when checking out in eCommerce that pulls directly from the availability in your scheduler.  To set this up, follow these steps:

  1. Login to the Peoplevine Control Panel

  2. Start by setting up or ensuring you've setup the ecommerce pickup locations.

  3. Continue by setting up a new appointment scheduler under Sell > Scheduler > Setup New Scheduler

  4. Enter the specific restrictions and then setup the available slots.  When setting up the slots, make sure you assign it to the specific delivery location. 

  5. Once the scheduler is setup, identify the schedule_item_no in the URL and save for an upcoming step.

  6. Now go to Sell > Commerce > Shipping Rules

  7. Create a new rules engine with the following settings:
    ​  Rules Engine Trigger: Shipping Options
    ​  Low/High Trigger Value: Enter the total miles you want the delivery area to include (e.g. 0 for low and 2 for high) to deliver up to 2 miles from the closest location.

  8. Then setup a new rule and enter the following values:
    ​  Assign Type: delivery
    ​  Assign Value: this is the schedule_item_no for the scheduler you're activating

Your customers will now have the option to select a local delivery service pulling from the scheduler's availability.

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