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Setup an Event and Enable an External Party to Manage the Event
Setup an Event and Enable an External Party to Manage the Event

You can enable your partners access to event details without giving them access to the whole platform.

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If you are familiar with our directory/business profiles, then you know that they can be used to give your partners access to specific information assigned to them. If you're not familiar with this concept, please check out the Give the Partner Access steps in this article:

Now that you have a partner setup with access, you can now assign the permissions associated with events.

This will now give them access to manage their own events along with the ability to add events (if that was selected).

Now make sure you assign that directory profile to have permissions on the event(s) they have access to by assigning them as the host for a particular event (under the Permissions section).

Once these steps are completed, your business partner can login at which will guide them to the business menu. On this dashboard, they will see the events they have access to manage.

Depending on their permission they will have access to manage their events and/or add a new one. They can then select the event they want to edit or manage.

When viewing an event, they will have the option to view registered attendees, check people in along with make minor changes to the event and tickets (depending on permissions).

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