You can setup a "staging" environment that allows you to move data between two accounts and avoid impacting your member base.

To get started, an admin will need to setup a sub account.

Click on your company name to open the company settings. Then click on Sub Accounts.

Click the Add Sub-Account button and then click on Share Touchpoints (which will work off your existing plan).

Fill in the basic info on your sub account and click Create Sub Account. You can then invite existing users to gain access as well.

When you're finished, click on the company menu and then the Switch Companies button.

You will now see the new company in your list of available companies.

Now that you have setup your "Staging" company, you can now work on cloning elements into this account.

To do this, click on the company/settings menu and switch back to the main company. Then click on the company/settings menu and click on Clone Items under tools.

This will enable you to clone items from one account to another.

You can continue to clone items from your stage account back into your production account as needed. Please note that in most cases, when you clone an item that already existed, it may create a duplicate. In this case, you may need to copy and paste the data between the two accounts.

TRICK: You can be logged into both accounts simultaneously by logging into each company directly at a sub control panel URL such as and

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