Automated campaigns

Campaigns allow you to automatically send a follow-up activity to your customer once they have completed a task.

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An overview

How to create a new campaign

  1. You can find campaign options under Automate>Campaign Engine.

  2. Click on 'new campaign'

  3. Choose from the following options:

  • Interactive ("Completed") Campaign - Once the user completes an activity then initiate or continue campaign.

  • Drip Campaign - After first interaction, automatically send the next item in the campaign based on a schedule.

  • Follow Through Campaign - Once a newsletter is sent to the individual, we will continue to follow up until the action is completed.

  • Date Based Campaign - Use this feature to send out a campaign for birthdays, anniversaries and any date-based attribute.

  • Attribute-tagged Campaign - Use specific attributes to target. This is more granular and can be used to target segments that are valuable to your business.

  • Checking-in Campaign - Use when membership applications are incomplete or if a member has not checked into the venue for a while

  • When it's Over Campaign - Does what it says on the tin! Utilise X number of days after an event or appointment, so you can gain valuable feedback or reviews.

Campaigns can be nested together for ultimate control over follow-ups and items being completed.

  1. Select a start and end date for this campaign.

  2. If you have chosen an attribute-tagged campaign, select the trigger for activation by clicking on the arrow next to the search field (e.g. 'industry'). This will show you the available attributes and further specify a trigger value (e.g. 'Accounting' if this exists in the industry attribute category) to target those members only. Alternatively, you can leave blank to trigger the campaign when anyone is assigned the attribute.

  3. Click 'next step'

  4. Now choose the campaign activity and the message you would like to send. The message populates from newsletter templates.

  5. Now 'assign item'.

  6. You will be taken to the menu page, where you can add next stage of your email campaign.

Incomplete Membership applications: use case

You might often noticed that some of your Membership Applications are incomplete. To mitigate this situation we can use a Newsletter Campaign and provide a link for Application within it to prompt the Member to complete their application easily.

Lets look into it step by step:

  1. First and foremost please keep Email Address field available at very first page of your Survey Application.

  2. Then create a Newsletter, and Select "Auto-Login Enabled" from configuration.

  3. Within the Newsletter you can utilise a Button that could say "Complete Application" and enter the URL to the Survey Application.

  4. Upon clicking on that Button will take them directly to their Application Page and start filling from they left off.

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