Being integrated with Sevenrooms for nearly 3 years, we've learned a lot on how our users leverage it to improve the member experience while maximizing revenue. Here are some off the questions we get asked the most about our integration with Sevenrooms.

We've heard them all, so we decided to document them here for you. Our integration with Sevenrooms started in 2018 when a mutual client was looking to keep their reservations hidden from the public (members only), since then we have continued to improve the integration with new features released regularly. For more detailed articles, visit to see all articles tagged with Sevenrooms.

Will my members in Peoplevine sync to Sevenrooms?

Yes, as a member is activated in our platform, we'll automatically push their profile and some basic tags, their member ID, tier, etc. to Sevenrooms. From there-on we will continue to keep the member profiles in sync as the member is cancelled and/or reactivated in Peoplevine or when any new data is added in Sevenrooms.

Will reservations made in Sevenrooms sync to the member portal?

Yes, when a member makes a reservation in person or by phone and your staff enters directly in Sevenrooms, the data will sync to Peoplevine and visible in thier member portal. Please note that it can take 5-10 mintues for the data to flow into Peoplevine from Sevenrooms.

When we add a tag to the profile in Sevenrooms does it sync to the profile in Peoplevine?

Yes, as profiles are updated in Sevenrooms, we will receive these updates automatically. Please note it can take 5-10 minutes for this data to show up in Peoplevine, but it does happen automatically.

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