We are proud to introduce our latest update to the platform that includes a tighter integration with SevenRooms to create the ultimate hospitality experience.

Our integraiton with SevenRooms just got tighter.  In our August update, we are including the following capabilities:

  • As you register members in PeopleVine, they will automatically sync into SevenRooms including their membership level, membership ID and additional CRM data

  • All your member's reservations, whether it's done via the member portal or SevenRooms directly, will be visible in the member portal (and backend) with the ability to cancel directly from the member portal.

  • Every guest who makes a reservation through SevenRooms will be synced and tagged in the PeopleVine CRM to build your CRM database and track touchpoints.

  • When a member arrives, checks-in and has a reservation in the next 2 hours (or late for one), we'll automatically mark them as arrived in SevenRooms so your hostess can be ready to accomodate them

In order to leverage this integration, you will need to contact your SevenRooms representative to request API credentials and webhooks setup for both Reservation and Client entities.  They should point the webhook API to https://api.peoplevine.com/sevenrooms in case they ask.

We hope to continue to make our integration with SevenRooms tighter.

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