This will leverage your account for sending and receiving messages.

Currently our SMS Provider is configured to work with Twilio. We do offer the ability to provide a custom platform for outgoing messages, this can be configured by going to /admin_authenticate_sms_gateway.aspx in the control panel. To configure the Twilio experience, go to Integrated Platforms and then scroll down to Messaging. You can then click on SMS Provider to provide your credentials.

When clicking on SMS Provider, we will prompt you for your Twilio API Keys. To get your API Keys, login to the Twilio Console and go to your Account Dashboard.

Here you'll see your ACCOUNT SID with an arrow pointing down.

Click on that arrow to reveal both your SID and Token.

You will need to click the copy button and copy each of these keys into the Peoplevine system.

Start by going to the Integrated Platforms section. Find SMS Providera nd click to add the credentials.

Then select the provider (in this case Twilio).

Enter the SID in the Account ID field and the Secret in the Auth Token space.

Click on Add SMS Gateway and now when setting up a phone number, sending out messages and receiving messages, we will use your Twilio account.

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