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Export a Custom Report
Export a Custom Report
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Peoplevine has the ability to generate custom reports based on any combination of customer attributes that you create and map to user CRM profiles. This includes anything from First/Last Name, Emai, Phone, Business Name, or even things like Preferred contact method or favorite color.

The options are simply as vast as your can think.

In this case we will generate a report of all Businesses in a directory

The generate a custom report:

  1. Login to the Peoplevine Control Panel

  2. Go to the Company Menu (click on your company name)

  3. Click on Export Data to File under Export Data

  4. From the dropdown select 'Business Directory'

  5. Click 'Load Fields'

  6. Toggle the switch to enable reporting for your desired fields (In this case: business.company_name, customer.first_name, and customer.last_name this will output the Business Name, and the customers First and Last Name)

  7. Choose File Type

  8. Select 'Generate Report'

  9. Download or Save the Report (Reports will remain saved in the system for 24 hours after initial generation)

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