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Route Members to a Custom Landing Page
Route Members to a Custom Landing Page
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By default, Peoplevine will route the user to view their membership card after signing up, however you can override this and send them to a custom landing page by following these steps:

  1. Login to the PeopleVine Control Panel

  2. Go to Engage > Content > New Page to create a new landing page to send someone to

  3. Once your page is created, head over to the Membership Program and go to Edit

  4. Under the Options section you can assign the confirmation page under Choose a Confirmation Page

  5. Click Update Membership

If the membership is attached to a service, then upon successfully checking out, they will be routed to the confirmation page. We will also append the following data to the query string in order to leverage HAPI for a customized experience:

  • service_no which is the service they are subscribed to

  • subscription_no which references the new subscription that was created

  • transaction_no which references the transaction associated with their signup

  • membership_card_no which references the membership card they just signed up for

By leveraging these fields, you can call HAPI to fully customize the experience. You can also route them back to download their membership card by using this link: /account/membership/{@q:membership_card_no@} on your page.

Alternatively, if they are subscribing to the membership (by attaching a service), you can update the service redirect URL to go to your custom landing page.

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