By combining the Peoplevine Directory and Memberships, you can ensure that membership cards pop-up on the member's phone when they're nearby. To set this up, follow these directions:

Add locations to the directory

  • In Peoplevine go to Sell > Directory and add a new business location

  • Add the company information

  • Add the locations this company has (it's important to include the full address, so we can leverage the geo-location for popping up the membership card).

Setup the membership 

  • Peoplevine go to Reward > Memberships and add a new membership program

  • Add the details to the membership

  • Peoplevine will generate a URL for your members to register online

  • Once they download and add to Apple Wallet or Pass Wallet on Android, it will automatically pop-up when nearby the location

Now that your membership card is setup and ready for people to subscribe, you may want to add some additional features, such as:

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