This tutorial details on how you can identify the customer who interacted with a hosted PeopleVine experience on your web site that is hosted elsewhere. This is best for people who want to:

  • Track how a specific customer interacts on your site and PeopleVine experiences

  • Leverage the PeopleVine API to push customer specific data/actions from your site to PeopleVine (e.g. page views)

  • Display specific links based on a customer being authenticated or not

The cookie that is setup is called PeopleVine and contains the following fields:

  • customer_no - which is the ID of the customer in the PeopleVine platform. This can be used to store or retrieve data via our APIs

  • isAuthenticated - is a boolean stating if they are authenticated with the PeopleVine platform or not

  • lastUpdated - signifies the last time they logged into the PeopleVine generated experience

customer_no=12345&isAuthenticated=True&lastUpdated=6/22/2016 11:51:21 AM 

This is a domain cookie so it is visible across all sub-domain names. So if your web site is at and your PeopleVine experiences are at, this data is accessible between both domain names.

Note: this cookie should ONLY be used by your externally hosted domain name and should not be leveraged for internal PeopleVine experiences.

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