Choose a Payment Processor
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Within Peoplevine you can setup multiple payment processors that can be used to capture and deposit funds into different accounts. There are three ways to leverage a specific payment processor:

1. Set the payment processor as the default

When you setup the payment processor, simply check the box that says Set this processor as your default process for all payments. When doing this, it will use this payment processor throughout the Control Panel along with all pages on your website (unless you override with one of the methods below).

2. Assign a payment processor to a custom domain

You can assign a specific payment processor to a custom domain name. For example can use your account while uses your Braintree account. This is assigned when you setup the domain name. Simply look for the field Set Default Payment Processor and assign the processor you want for that domain. By default, we assign it to the default payment processor (as described above).

3. Pass the payment processor via the URL

You can override both the domain default and the default processor by passing the payment_processor_no in the query of the URL. After you create your payment processor, click edit and you will see the ID generated for the one you created in the URL. Simply copy the ID (in this case 123456) and you will append it to the URL of your site as such: This will now set the payment processor for the user's visit to this processor.

If you want to mask the payment_processor_no=123456 in the URL, you can do this by setting up a URL Redirect and Vanity URL.

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