So you need to have people sign up for a contest, fill out a survey, subscribe to a service, etc., but you don't want the customer cookie to be saved for each user!

All you need to do is add ?logout=true to the end of any URL and this will remove the cookie the next time the URL is loaded. Remember to only add this on Home type links so you don't log them out during the transaction.

For example you want to setup a Scratch Off and Win Contest on an iPad for your customers. First start by registering the domain name for the contest (e.g. or your sub domain) and set it up to go to a redirect URL which would be This way when anyone goes to the URL it will redirect them to the contest and clear the cookie for a new user.

Another example is if you want to add a survey/form to an iPad for people to fill out. Instead of sending them to the url you would append that with This will ensure a clean entry/customer profile for each response.

We do suggest you setup a URL redirect first to the full URL and then a vanity URL if you are sharing this with other people.

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