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Confirm an Appointment and Send a Push Notification
Confirm an Appointment and Send a Push Notification
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After someone books an appointment you can send a push notification with key details about the appointment once it is confirmed. Alternatively, the "confirmed" action can be used as a follow-up after they've completed the appointment. To setup this push notification, follow these steps:

  1. Login to the Control Panel

  2. Go to Connect > Push Notifications > New Push Notification

  3. Setup the email or sms that you want to send once the appointment is confirmed

  4. After saving and/or building the email or sms, you will be prompted to set when to send the notification

  5. Look for the action Appointment is Confirmed and then select the scheduler you want to assign this to (or all)

Your notification will automatically go out once an appointment is confirmed.

Confirming an Appointment

In order to set an appointment as confirmed, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the appointment that you want to confirm.  This can be done by the email notification or by going to the scheduler and viewing upcoming or past appointments.

  2. When viewing the appointment, you will the option to mark the appointment as confirmed.

  3. Click Confirmed Booking and hit update booking.

The person who booked the appointment will now receive the push notification you setup.

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