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Apply Your Branding to a Header & Footer
Apply Your Branding to a Header & Footer

Apply Your Branding to a Header & Footer

Updated over a week ago

Peoplevine provides you with the ability to wrap all of our generated content with your web site's design and layout. This ensures a consistent branding look and feel when people leave your site to go to Peoplevine generated screens.

To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Engage and click on Page Layouts under Layouts and Templates

  2. Click to create a new page layout

  3. You can now copy and paste your <head/>, CSS and <body/> content in their respective fields.

  4. Select the out of the box options that pertain to your layout.

  5. Set it as the default layout (the default layout is applied automatically to all PeopleVine out of the box pages, but you can change the layout for landing pages and based on domain names)

You will need to update your HTML to ensure all links to files are absolute URLs, meaning that it should direct back to your web site such as Alternatively you can update your assets into the PeopleVine CDN via the Media Tools (click on your company name and then Upload Multiple Files).

You can also override any standard styles within the PeopleVine generated pages by simply replacing our class names with your definitions under the CSS section. For example you can style a button as such:

.btn { background-color: #336699;}
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