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Add products for eCommerce
Add products for eCommerce
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Add products from scratch via Sell>Create a Product, migrate them to PeopleVine via .csv file, or import your products from Channel Advisor SKUs (if applicable).

Our product creation portal walks you through entering all the necessary product, pricing, inventory, photos, options, and SEO details then builds your shop automatically.

You'll then be able to view and edit product details, sales information, and inventory for each item from Sell>Find Products.

Click on the green box under "Options" to edit a specific product's details. Click on the blue box to enter the dashboard for that product where you can view sales info and inventory as well as access further engagement/sharing options.

You can engage customers further by integrating our loyalty program, social engagement, coupon, and product review features into the shopping experience.

See examples of companies leveraging our eCommerce features here.

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