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Setting up a Product Variation (Parent/Child Relationship)
Setting up a Product Variation (Parent/Child Relationship)
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Peoplevine eCommerce allows you to track inventory and sales across various sizes, colors, etc. in order to insure you can maintain accurate reporting and inventory. Follow these steps to setup a Parent/Child relationship between products.

  1. Setup the parent product first including the base price, photos and shared attributes (Note that any attribute assigned to the parent product will cascade to all products)

  2. Once your parent product is setup, you will see a section called Product Variations where you can link existing products or add a variation.

  3. If you click on Add a Variation, you can then setup the child products.

  4. Select the attributes that distinguish this as a child product (e.g. Size). If one doesn't exist, click on Create New Attribute and set it up (suggested as dropdown).

  5. Enter the new value for this child product (e.g. XL if Size)

  6. If there are multiple things that make this a variation, click Add Attribute to add another

  7. Enter the price for the variation (this should be the total price, not price difference).

  8. Enter the stock for this variation

  9. Attach photos specific to this variation (if exist)

  10. Click Save

Your Parent/Child product is now setup. When a customer is shopping on your site, they will be prompted to choose the option they desire. Once selected, we will automatically display the availability, pricing, photos, etc. that pertain to this product.

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