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Peoplevine Point of Sale
Peoplevine Point of Sale
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Peoplevine provides a Point of Sale with real-time inventory connected to your eCommerce web site. Simply by adding products to the platform, we allow you to sell both online and in a store (or on-site) and take alternate payment methods (such as cash, check and vouchers). To use the Point of Sale, follow these steps:

  1. In the Control Panel go to Sell --> New Order

  2. Search for a customer or register a new customer to sell the products to. This allows the engine to calculate pricing based on their profile, offers and discounts associated with that person.

  3. Search for the items you want to sell them and you can modify the pricing or quantity in the cart.

  4. Then click on Take Payment to complete the order.

  5. Upon a successful payment you will be taken directly to the order receipt.

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