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Real-Time Inventory Management
Real-Time Inventory Management
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Peoplevine's eCommerce engine provides you with the capability to manage inventory across different warehouses, rooms, columns and rows to ensure that you know where to pull your inventory from after an order is placed. However, as with everything in Peoplevine, this is only enabled if you leverage the feature.

To take advantage of real-time inventory and our automated pick/pack/ship rules, follow these steps to set it up:

  1. Configure the Warehouse Locations - do this by going to the Locations, Brands and Affiliates tools (also under Directory/Locator) and Create a New Business. Then add a location(s) to the business with contact information (e-mail address is required) to ensure shipping notifications are sent to the warehouse location.If an e-mail address is provided on the business location, then they will automatically receive an e-mail notification when there are items to be shipped from that location.

  2. Configure the Inventory Locations - on the main menu, you can add new inventory locations by clicking on eCommerce then Add Inventory Locations.

  3. Assign Products to Inventory Location - when creating a new product or on the product menu, you have the ability to set the inventory location for a specific product. 

Once assigned, Peoplevine will now leverage the pick/pack/ship rules in order to pull inventory from the correct location.

For reference, Peoplevine was designed to automatically pick inventory based on the following rules:

  1. Find the warehouse with the most products being purchased

  2. Find the inventory location with the most quantity

  3. Use the only location where there's inventory

Although we try to find the least amount of locations to ship from, the inventory is not split from different locations if the quantity is available in one location.

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