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Import Products to your Web Site
Import Products to your Web Site

You can import your entire product catalog and even keep it updated via our import engine.

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You can attach a CSV and we will automatically setup the products with pricing, inventory, attributes, a photo, category and more. To import your products, follow these steps:

  1. Export your existing products into a CSV file.  Setup the field names in the first row for each column.  For example if you want to import the product SKU set the column name in Row 1 to Product SKU.

  2. Once your data is in a CSV, you will need to setup the custom attributes that you would like to apply to the products.  This is additional data that you would like to filter products or display to your buyers.   (see below to add attributes).

  3. Once all the attribute labels are setup, go to the Company Menu and click on Import Data

  4. Select eCommerce Products from the dropdown and attach your CSV

  5. You can select to auto-map data which will try to match to PeopleVine fields (see list below).

     6. Your products will then import into the system, setting up any category, pricing, inventory, photo and more.

*If you are looking to update your products, make sure you map the Product SKU field, this is used to refresh your data vs. creating a new record.

Setting up Attributes for Products
Attributes are used to allow people to filter your products, display additional information on the product as well as to capture input from your buyers (e.g. size).  These attributes are also key to creating variation products.  To setup attributes, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Company Menu and click on Setup New Attribute under tagging.

  2. Select product under the Used For section.

  3. Select the type of field, where certain ones are used for input and labels are used for filtering.

  4. Select the settings that apply and hit create.  

  5. Once you're done with creating your attributes, you can now import your products.

Please note, if you name the Attribute Label the same in your spreadsheet, it will automatically map this on import.

How Imports are Handled
When importing your products, we will either create or update the product depending if the product sku already exists and the update flag is checked.  In this case, when a product doesn't exist, we will:

  • Create the Product

  • Generate Pricing

  • Upload Media/Photos

  • Add the Inventory

  • Setup Attributes

  • Categorize Products

If the product already exists, by SKU number, we will:

  • Update the Product

  • Update the Pricing

  • Adjust the Inventory

  • Add to Categories

  • Update Product Attributes

  • Update Media

Fields You Can Import
Below are a list of fields that you can import into the platform:

  • product_long - Product Title (Long)

  • product_short - Product Short (Short)

  • product_sku - Product SKU

  • unit_type - Product Unit

  • product_type - Product Type (physical, service, digital, bundle, add-on, external)

  • brand - Brand/Manufacturer

  • category - Category Name

  • retail_price - Retail Price

  • sale_price - Sale Price

  • cart_price - Add to Cart Price

  • dealer_price - Dealer Price

  • msrp_price - MSRP Price

  • shipping_fee - Shipping Fee

  • handling_fee - Handling Fee

  • flag_backorders - Allow Backorders (Y or N)

  • flag_limited - Limited Availability (Y or N)

  • on_demand - On Demand (Y or N)

  • lead_time - Lead Time (in days)

  • in_stock - Inventory In Stock

  • page_keyword - Page Keyword

  • meta_title - SEO: Meta Title

  • meta_description - SEO: Meta Description

  • meta_keywords - SEO: Meta Keywords

  • photo_url - Main Photo

  • photo - Attach Photo

  • product_above - Parent Product

  • product_description - Product Description

  • product_brief - Product Summary

  • product_flag - Product Flag (featured, frontpage, discontinued, special order)

  • product_weight - Proudct Weight in lbs.

  • tax_rate - Tax Rate

  • visibility - Visibility (public or hidden)

  • product_link - Product Link

  • dimensions_width - Dimensions - Width

  • dimensions_height - Dimensions - Height

  • dimensions_depth - Dimensions - Depth

  • external_id - External ID

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