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Supported pricing options
Supported pricing options
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Peoplevine eCommerce provides the ability to create custom pricing. You can setup the following pricing types:

  • Sale Pricing - valid between certain dates and times (e.g. 4th of July special)

  • Quantity Discounts - discounted when you buy a certain amount (e.g. buy 2 and the price is $10 or buy 1 and it's $12)

  • Customer Type Pricing - visible based on permissions (Everyone, customers only, dealers only, distributors only, employee pricing)

  • Add to Cart Pricing - the price is not displayed until it's added to their shopping cart

  • Pay with Points - set the price for paying with loyalty points

  • Daily Deal - the price will show up as a daily deal and auto expire at the end of the day

In addition, you can use the Peoplevine Coupon Engine to apply promotional pricing to a specific category, all products, etc. that lasts a specific time.

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