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Revert back to a previous version of a page
Revert back to a previous version of a page

Undo changes made to a content page

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Have you made a mistake on a content page? Luckily, Peoplevine keeps a revision history of all the changes you make to your content, so we can get you back to your last version pretty quickly by following these steps:

  1. Login to the Peoplevine Control Panel (

  2. Go to Engage --> Content & Pages

  3. Find the content page you want to revert back and go to the Page Menu

  4. Under the Snapshot (bottom right) you will see a button "View Past Versions"

5. You will now see every version of your page where you can Preview (to ensure it's the working one) and Restore Page to bring it back to life.

6. If you click on Restore Page, you will need to confirm everything is accurate before reverting back.  Please note that when reverting back you are going back to the original title, content, layout, keyword, meta tags, settings, etc. so look it over just to make sure.

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