PeopleVine provides you with the tools to improve your SEO across every component in our platform. 

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General set up

To start, we recommend you submit your Sitemap to both Google and Bing.  You can get your latest sitemap at https://<yourdomainname>/sitemap.xml.

In the following areas, we allow you to override the page's title, meta keywords and meta descriptions:

  • Content, Landing and Blog Pages

  • Events & Ticketing

  • Commerce Products

  • Categories

To edit the SEO on these items, simply go to the item in PeopleVine, click edit (or when you create) and look for the SEO & Options section. You will see a place to edit meta keywords and description. We also encourage you to make your titles rich in keywords as they are leveraged as the page name.

As well, you have the ability to override or append to page titles, meta keywords and meta descriptions via the page layouts. This will allow you to override our default settings on pages that don't offer custom SEO.

In addition, PeopleVine uses best practices in the following areas to ensure your site is found by the richest keywords:

  • We append the component title on out of the box pages (e.g. your digital offer's page title, meta keywords and meta description are based on the title and description of your offer).

  • We place specific HTML tags such as H1 tags in order to emphasize relevance when viewing out of the box pages.

  • We've adopted vanity URLs that drop the page extension so people can properly navigate your site (e.g. /events takes you to all your events, while /event/keyword takes you directly to an event).

PeopleVine also generates a site map available at It is kept fresh with all your landing pages, products, event pages, out of the box pages and more automatically. Make sure you submit it to search engines so they can index it. Follow the steps in this tutorial to setup for different search engines.

In order to leverage the benefits of SEO, it's important that you add rich keywords and content to all of your titles, descriptions and meta tags where possible.

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