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Make your site Google-friendly (SEO)
Make your site Google-friendly (SEO)
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Get the most out of your PeopleVine-powered website by implementing these Google web site options.

Add your site to Google's index:

Google adds new sites to our index, and updates existing ones, every time we crawl the web. If you have a new URL, tell us about it here.

  1. Enter your domain name in the box and click "Submit Request"

Add Google Webmaster Tools:

Get the data, tools, and diagnostics for a healthy, Google-friendly site.

  1. Enter your site's URL and click "Add to Site"

  2. Click the "Alternate methods" tab

  3. Select "HTML tag" to get a meta tag and copy it

  4. In PeopleVine, go to Engage>My Page Layouts

  5. Open your home page layout for editing and paste the copied meta tag

  6. Back in the Google Webmaster Tools dashboard, go to Crawl>Sitemaps

  7. Click "Add/Test Sitemap" and enter "sitemap.xml" after your domain name

Add Google Analytics:

Whether you want to boost sales, find more visitors or improve your mobile app, Google Analytics has the answers and insights you need to improve your business.

  1. Sign up for Google Analytics

  2. After entering your details, click "Get Tracking ID"

  3. Copy the tracking code under "This is your tracking code."

  4. Back in PeopleVine, go to Engage>My Page Layouts

  5. For every page you want to track, open the page for editing and paste the code at the bottom of the "Layout Footer" section

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