With PeopleVine Scheduler you can allow someone to sign up for a scheduler via your website and then assign a contact/rep to handle the appointment.  Once assigned, not only will your customer see who they're meeting with, but the contact/rep will have access to contact the customer directly among other options.

Follow these steps to be able to assign a rep to a schedule booking:

  1. Setup an Appointment Scheduler and assign a business owner

2. This will now allow you to assign a rep that is associated with that Company.  If you don't assign a company, then you will not be able to assign a contact (as there would be no visibility to the tools in the portal).
3. If no contact exists, you'll be able to select Assign Contact

4. Click Assign Contact
5. Select the person who you want to assign as the contact (this will only show people who are associated with the assigned company)

6. Your customer will now see this person as their rep.

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