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Configuring the Tender and Menu Items in Aloha
Configuring the Tender and Menu Items in Aloha

This tutorial will show you how to setup the POS for taking payments and capturing the member ID.

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  1. Start by setting up the Tender ID to accept the payment types you’re looking to launch.  Please note the settings for a House Account (which uses member gift cards/reward cards) has different settings than setting up Card on File or Invoicing. 

  2. Go to Maintenance > Menu > Tenders and setup a new Tender type 

  3. Enter the button information and positioning and check off the options below to capture specific info when taking payment.  Please note the Tender ID Number as it will be needed for configuration

4. Add the first modifier menu item by going to Maintenance >
Menu > Items and add a new item called Member Card # 

6. Place the modifier group button with the modifier item you created on there 

7. Now setup the Member ID/Member Card button by going to Maintenance > Menu > Items 

8. Assign the Modifier you setup called Membership 


Additional Settings 


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