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Screen Update to Aloha Payment on File Screens
Screen Update to Aloha Payment on File Screens

Our Aloha integration partner, Omnivore, pushed an update to the payment on file experience. Here are some things you should know.

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Recently our partner Omnivore, who we integrate to NCR Aloha through, pushed an unplanned update that changed the experience for card on file. In some cases this is a welcomed enhancement to the widely used member card on file experience, but there are a few things we are working with them on resolving. In the meantime, here's an overview of the update to the payment screens.

Continue to add the items and member ID as you currently do.

Now continue to verify and/or take payment. When you click on the verify button, you will see a new screen.

Although it says Please proceed to take payment, please note the PeopleVine service is running in the background. Once PeopleVine confirms, we'll provide you with the same messaging as we did in the past:

Once your staff clicks Ok (or waits 15 seconds) they can continue to take payment via card on file or credits. At which point they will get an Approved message or Error message with more details.

In addition, please disregard the Powered by SoftPoint piece as they also leverage a similar interface with Omnivore (and are currently working on re-branding). Please note that SoftPoint DOES NOT see your data or has anything to do with the integration.

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