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Setup a ticket template to quickly copy to an event

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An event ticket template is a helpful tool that will speed up an event creation, particularly if you have the same ticket pricing and structure across multiple events.

To create a ticket template:

  1. Go to "Sell"> "Manage Events"

  2. You can create a simple template by clicking on the Manage Ticket Template button found on the Event Dashboard.

  3. Add in the title, amount, availability and permissions to your first ticket-type. You can also customise the background and font colors on tickets so that they are more easily identifiable at the door.

  4. Continue adding ticket-types as needed

  5. Once all have been added, go to any event or create a new one.

  6. Click on "manage tickets" (or you'll be taken there if you select a ticketed event) where you will now see a button to Copy in Ticket Template.

  7. Once you click on this it will copy over all tickets from the ticket template. If you've already added tickets to an event, you will not see this option.

  8. Once you copy, you will see them setup with linking, limits, etc. all in place and ready to sell for this event.

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