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Adding Waitlist to an Event
Adding Waitlist to an Event

When Your Event Sells Out, Add Members To A Waitlist

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We setup a quick and easy solution to capture people who are interested in a sold-out event by adding themselves to a waitlist form.

Start by setting up a Waitlist Form for an event. We suggest that you setup a new one for each major event in order to keep track of who's interested in which event. In addition, it allows you to send an e-mail to everyone on the waitlist when tickets become available.

Create a form under Engage --> Manage Forms and add relevant questions needed from members

While setting up s new event check the option that says When tickets sell out, allow people to join a Waitlist. This will then display the ability to assign a form.

When your event sells out (or if reserved and all tickets are locked up), your members will see the option to Join the Waitlist which will take them to the form.

Now when tickets become available, you can send a newsletter direct to everyone who signed up on the waitlist form.

Version 2.0 with automatic notifications, reserving inventory, etc. are in development.

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