All of the leading retailers offer it (Amazon, Target, etc.) the ability for customers to receive a product on a recurring basis. This feature is easily accessible in PeopleVine and it leverages our best in class subscription management engine that runs our membership billing.

To setup a product for subscription billing, please follow these steps:

  1. Setup or find the product you're looking to add subscription pricing to.

  2. You can either click on edit the product, scroll to the pricing section and click to enable subscriptions for this product

3. or you can click the Add Price button on the product menu

4. Set the pricing type to Subscription pricing, add the price and save

Once in place, your customers will now see the option to subscribe to the product on a recurring basis. They can choose from:

  • Every Week

  • Every Two-Weeks

  • Every Month

  • Every 2 Months

  • Every 3 Months

  • Every 6 Months

  • Every Year

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