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Setup a Product Bundle
Setup a Product Bundle

Sell a bunch of products in a bundle to keep track of inventory on an individual item basis

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When creating a product bundle, make sure you've setup the sub products that would become part of the bundle. Once this is done, you can setup your bundle by following these steps:

  1. Go to Create a New Product under E-Commerce. Set the product type to Bundle Product

2. Add the other information about the bundle. Once the details are in place, click to Save the product.

3. You will now be redirected to manage the bundled items where you can either add a category or products your customer can select from.

4. If they are set products in the bundle, simply enter the product details and set the Bundle Type to Product

5. If they can choose from a variety of products from a category, then select the bundle type as Category.

6. Now that the bundle is setup, your customers can now select the sub-items or just confirm the bundle as you set it up.

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